Thursday, September 30, 2010

James Brown The big Payback

meet pigga.

this is pigga he smells years old 8 yrs old to be exact..he's my 8 yr old son's pig and he looks 8 too. he is chris's favorite stuffie thats what we call stuffed animals in our house. i adore pigga and i snuggle up to him often. he is missing one eye and lots of stuffing in one arm (or is it leg in a pig). he is simply amazing and makes our whole family smile.

black knit military jacket!

just bought this black military jacket from target on the cheap! without spending so much $ on something designer it can look designer.  it will be good for my sephora gigs come winter time cause its all nice n warm n cuddily..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

call me crazy with this here technology.

but how do i "follow" people on blogspot?
it looks like i am following just under my gmail icon and name instead of via blog?
can someone help a girl out..


Wanda Jackson - Hard Headed Woman

stila lip glaze!

stila lip glazes for holiday 2010. they are so adorable and the colors are amazing! make sure you buy them @ your local sephora not only are the colors brilliant but smell and taste yummy (yes i used to be a chapstick eater as a kid...gross i know my fav was bonne bell) so guys get these while you can!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

starting brand new...

so over the past few weeks and year ahem i have been thinking real long and hard about starting this up again. i had a few dilemmas one which was when i had my old live journal i was on it ALL   the time and it was toooooo much so i was a lil hesitant to come back.  but here i am today after much deliberation and am gonna do this here blog thing.  i will post maybe once or twice a week on current events and the such.. i am siked to give it a go and feel that this will be a better venue that facebook (where i am convinced no one cares about certain posts) as much as i do... so hello i am back.  xx