Thursday, June 23, 2011

back to life..

so ive been away for quite some time and i srsly miss blogging, people in the blog world are so innovative, creative, and friendly.  facebook was seriously dragging me down it was pretty petty, dramafied, and boring! so voila im my son has been like mama you need to blog more his dad and his stepmom have awesome blogs on here and he was like you need to start again...

so today is a big day in boston - the fbi found whitey bulger in california with his girlfriend, they have been searching for him forever and im surprised he wasn't out of the country like most thought!

I'm back I left Facebook because I can really only do 1 account online... And I really missed blogging but I'm super siked to be back!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

so long farewell

hey guys 
i wanted to bid you farewell
there is far too much on my plate for me to blog @ this point
so much school, being a mom, and wife
far too much for me to try and fit this in
then feel guilty about not posting.
au revior
for now.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

possibly maybe?

mia (insert scream here)

first off i swore that i would never avoid blogging for more than a week
things have been crazy hectic and the such.
my nursing classes have become way intense 
and i have application deadlines for nursing school due by the end of the month
which consists of letters of rec and transcripts and statement of intent
i'm applying to a few accel nursing programs
accel programs for those who don't know are 1 year BSN R.N. programs
for those who already hold a bachelors degree from a 4 year college
there is a catch though you need to do about 6-7 pre -requisites (classes)
before applying and that is what i have been enjoying over the past year :)
the classes are nutrition, statistics, organic chemistry, microbiology, A&P 1 and 2 and more
these pre-requisites seem never ending
but i am done this summer thank goodness!
so these applications are making me brain scrammble!

im thankful and honored and bashful
my good friend mia featured me in her blog
i miss mia so much we had such a good time in boston years ago
now she is in indiana land of my fav restraunt steak n shake mmm!
she is marrying an awesome guy and im so happy for her!

i promise i will not go this long in being mia in zee blog world
okiee now to catch up on all that i missed on here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

i and love and you

Thursday, February 10, 2011

a little joan jett

so i cut my hair
2 different lengths on each side
pixie short in back
and a bang trim with a little fringe
i love it
my hairdresser talked me into letting her do her thing and get creative with it
she said i could always go to a pixie 
but coming back to long hair will take forever!
so ta da!
it get's real messy n funky w pomade!

i was playing with my lil one so the pomade kinda lost it's style
but im sure you get the jist!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my long longer hair

so ive always been a short haired girl 
my hair is at my shoulders
so after wanting to grow it and adoring long hair 
i wanna chop it

so far.
i'm really digging this!



what do you think?
i'm torn.


right now i feel like im at the crossroads of so many decisions
i feel like these thoughts and choices are spinning out of control in my head
the job opportunities and school are a lot
i decided i was going to drop my a&p 2 class so i wouldn't be away from my lil man
4 nights a week
but then i felt i lost my goal
my goal is my R.N. not working an admin job so i can get my foot in the door at a hospital
so it remains uncertain 
what is greater importance
i need a job
but it has to be in the schedule best for my family
i cannot work every weekend and be away from my lil one
i don't know how some parents are never there
i mean being away pulls at my heartstrings
i have another job opportunity that is part time 3 days a week
which sounds great that way it would take no time away from my lil one
and i could do school 2 nights a week
 choices are ridiculous!
some sound so great though when you really think it over 
it's pretty lousy
i mean im honored to get this chance to work at one of boston's greatest hospitals
but it's really not the ideal job, it's so i'll have a foot in the door
and the thing that sucks is i would work every weekend
so even though this is the ideal opportunity
when you look closer it isn't
so i'm choosing family and my R.N. even if i don't get the other day opportunity
i would rather work at dunkies mom's hours and work on my goal to my R.N.

Friday, February 4, 2011

i'm not searching for a new england

i think i wore out my old billy bragg record back to basics
it was probably my favorite album when i was in senior year of high school til college
what a great song writer and performer he is
if you haven't listened to that album you should 
it's quite beautiful!

so this is winter in new england
sooo much snow in fact tooo much snow
though my lil man loves to play in it and eat the icicles so i can't hate on it that much
i'm siked to be up a little today after the week from
h e double hockey sticks
then tomorrow i get to be poked and prodded for my new hospital job
where i need to get 7+ vaccines etc
i start working on monday with a whole hospital orientation
& training the remainder of the week.

tomorrow night i'm craving redbones bbq!
my husband is now sick and im praying it's not what i had...
if he's better i wanna get me some fried pickles!
boy i have been craving everything pickle related lately 
that & rockabilly music
i mean i've always loved rockabilly but it's something fierce in my veins right now
pickles & rockabilly!

oh yeah!
 trash & vaudville has a new website 

this was my teenage dream place i love this place and keep it special in my ♥
some of it is way too out there for me 
but i love the shoes
i bought my creepers and underground shoes there since i was 16
last year i bought this amazing bomber jacket so cheap
check out their tripp pants and skirts amazing! i'll buy 7!
image: trash&
love them!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

i'm featured on sometimes sweet

i've been totally mia this week
i was in the ER with a fever of 104
thought i was near death
and today just starting to feel alive
my flu has lasted this past sunday til today
im so stubborn for not getting a flu shot!

in other news im so very siked to be featured in sometimes sweet slice of boston
very siked!
she is an amazing blogger and mama!

check it out!

Friday, January 28, 2011

my girlfriend

Thursday, January 27, 2011

sleep the clock around

took a little time offline
with not much internet lately
saying that reminds me of last nights episode of portlandia
it was about how people spend way too much time on their phones, fb, ipads
basically everything technology related!
probably the funniest show i have ever seen
carrie from sleater-kinney one of my favorite bands is on the show
it's great it really pokes fun of hipsters all the avenues hipsters explore, skinny jeans, veganism.
quite humorous!


a lot of good stuff has been happening this week
i have to say this has been one of my favorite weeks ever!
i got the job that i interviewed for a month ago
@ beth israel hospital in boston
im very happy about this 
for our future

my son scored very high in his tests and got accepted to an advanced work class program
he got invited to the school of his choice!
he was on the wait list for quite sometime and today we got the call he was accepted
it's definitely going to be a transition for him since it is next week
but in boston public 
if you pass up this opportunity he will most likely be put on a long wait list again
and never cease the opportunity
this school has so much to offer and is rich in curriculum with arts, music, gym & science!
such a proud mama!

so i have been learning to tattoo
pretty fun and scary
i picked up my first tattoo gun and learned the ropes recently
i tattooed myself
to practice
boy is it more painful to tattoo yourself!

i'm gonna remain practicing and doing more as a hobby!
so much fun
doing some drawings and stuff.

my girlfriends and i went to a great rockabilly show this past weekend
it was really great to see a show and get out
it's been a long time
i loved looking at all the amazingly dressed pin up styled girls at the show
talk about high fashion!

Friday, January 21, 2011

excuse me while i kiss the sky

a current new obsession
organic iced green tea
with spearmint & lemongrass
so refreshing!

i used to go to this bakery/restaurant called the common ground
in dorchester almost daily
to buy their house iced tea which was similar til i found this at whole foods!

also my man and i are re-doing our office / workspace area!
i want to try and make it into a guest room w a futon
and hang out room if possible but it is so cluttered!

new photos of re-done room hopefully soon...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

there is a light that never goes out

what about the left hand turn we could have taken
the right hand turn
or just driving straight
or in reverse

lately i have been thinking of happenstance
thinking of the maze in life
the routes we can take in our journey
for instance i got into college in nyc and if i had gone to school there
i would have never known the people i know today
i would most likely not have my beautiful son
what would have become of my life if i took that route
where would i be today
would i even be?

last night i re-played all the routes and journeys from college to the present
and it is pretty in depth and curvy
but i wouldn't trade anything to change it
it's funny how we have these paths in front of us
based on our choice
it leads us to opportunities, happiness, and bad situations
im very grateful for the path to which i have chosen
or has chosen me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

run lola run

this week has been fun!
we had my son's birthday party
got a HUGE snowstorm that he had no school for 2 days
then the poor lil mans was sick yesterday and was home from school
with a tummy bug mornings are rough for him sometimes he gets so nauseous on the way to school
and throws up
i was just like him when i was a kid
to the point where i couldn't eat breakfast until 11 or noon
i would get so sick if i ate too early
especially if i went in a car after i ate instant puke = no good.

i've been trying to organize the house 
i'm not a very neat person ( i'm kind of messy) ack!
i wish i was super clean and spic and span
i would love to train my brain to be highly organized!
i envy those with organization and completely clean homes!
my husband is so so super neat and clean we are total opposites 
i know i get on his NERVES so bad when i leave dishes messes around the house
any hints from you guys how to re-train my brain to be organized and neat
need help!

things have been lookin great round these parts
i have had 2 job interviews 
one at an amazing hospital in boston
beth israel
to be a unit assistant in the emergency room
i did the interview and they called and said they were interested!!!
now they are reviewing my 5 references (fingers crossed)
it's a part time position which will be great for us!
i really really hope i get it!

my husband is going to germany in march for 3-4 weeks
im so siked for him
he is an electrician and works for proctor & gamble
they go out and test machines and manufacturing plants before taking equipment into the united states
so i may tag along with him and visit for 5 days or so 
i have never been to germany and would love too!
it would be a fun lil adventure!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

no school!

Monday, January 10, 2011

day of birth: birthday

so tomorrow is my day of birth
9 years ago to be exact
my beautiful son's birthday
he has grown so so much over the years 
it's crazy to think it was that long ago that he was born
i have so man vivid memories of being pregnant with him
i love to share them with him often when i put him to bed
we pretend that my belly button was a telescope for him to see outward into the world
and my womb was his apartment where he had everything he wanted
when he didn't like what i ate he rejected room service
and i threw up (how lovely, right)

my lil bean now big man 
has grown into his personality
his words are so poetic
and his energy level at full force
we can scream and laugh at the top of our lungs
play hide and go seek
he is soooo creative
loves to draw and engineer prototypes for inventions in his head

the bond
have is the tightest bond i have ever felt in my life
i'm so blessed and grateful to have such a beautiful soul in my life
he has made me a better person
he has made me so so much words cannot explain
he is my dream
the love of my life
best friend

funfetti cake we made for his school party tmrw! yumm!

Friday, January 7, 2011


things i adore!

here is a cute hat from my favorite show adventure time! it's a jake hat!


hunter wellies with a wedge!


curler old school roller sets!

image: google

hello kitty headphones!
toms boots! love this cause (buy one give one to those in need)

lululemon hoodie! so cute and comfy! if i could only afford it!


my mans band is playing a lot of shows lately but here is one not to be missed
the blue bloods playing with slapshot!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

no strings attached

lately i have been taking a real journey inward to see outward
tonight i went on one of the most spiritual journeys ever
yoga, eating organic, and journeys have taken me over.
i look at my son smile and watch his little hands scoop soup out of bread bowl
and i see this amazing being a loving little man who grows each day
i feel that life is so speedy sometimes that we forget to take a look at these little things
that are HUGE
time flies by so fast
my days seemed to be on spin cycle before i took time for yoga
and other things
i would rinse repeat rise repeat
but now i breathe deeper
and see clearer
and for that i am thankful
i do daily art projects after school with my bean & crossword puzzles = less t.v. time
i have cut a lot out the occasional beer (i have cut out alcohol), non organic foods, going to bed late, and junkfood (though i still devour chocolate)!!!
all of this has helped and my body feels better with all the above
i do not take for granted any minute of every day.
"The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in" (B.K.S Iyengar)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

oh vintage red jacket

ode to my vintage red jacket 
seen in the photo below
i wore you our literally 
and loved you a long time
you were seriously the best smelling memory ever
finally you did rip under both my pits 
and in the back 
though i did try and elongate your life
in life sometimes you come across that security blanket a la clothes
and this was you baby
@ this time i would also like to say you are missed billy the kid jacket
left at some show in a corner 
whoever has it now is a very lucky devil
you are irreplaceable!

currently i'm 32 years old and ever since i was in high school 
my best friend anna and i would hit savers, dollar pound, and goodwill everyday 
in the early 90's 
we would scour for vintage fred perry's and fabulous finds
after high school and in college it was my dream to open a thrift store
i had a great idea for one right next to this cute little antique shop
i wanted it to have records and all sorts of knick knacks
last night my husband and i watched the show oddities
wow that show is amazing
its about a bizarre antique shop with 3 headed taxidermy cows
rare experimental medical equipment from the 20's
mummified cats
and coffins
wow was this a mind blower!
but i really salute vintage shop owners, antique shop owners, and collectors.
image: google images

Saturday, January 1, 2011

a year in photos 2010

happy 2011 everybody!

here are some photos of my favorite memories of 2010

our dogs in our apartment when we first moved to dorchester!

my kewpie boxer for my son! (sorry it won't flip)
when my son was a baby he plastered his room with kewpies
now @ 9 he's wicked embarassed by it

chris's first day of 3rd grade! he is so so handsome!

ha dying my hair red (it's back to black) but i loved red!

the pin up shoot i did this was such a fun time with a great group of girls!

doing my makeup the day of my wedding boy did i have a shaky hand!

tom, chris, and i at our wedding july 31st! what a night!

wedding centerpieces i made with vintage postcards

an amazing group of girlfriends!

our engagement photo in quebec canada 
it wasn't professional we took it of ourselves
the day after he proposed!

our mist epic trip to disney world 
i just ate a chocolate dipped bananna mmm good.

chris next to the tree of life in disney!

2010 was such a great year and i'm so excited for 2011!
happy new years

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