Saturday, January 15, 2011

run lola run

this week has been fun!
we had my son's birthday party
got a HUGE snowstorm that he had no school for 2 days
then the poor lil mans was sick yesterday and was home from school
with a tummy bug mornings are rough for him sometimes he gets so nauseous on the way to school
and throws up
i was just like him when i was a kid
to the point where i couldn't eat breakfast until 11 or noon
i would get so sick if i ate too early
especially if i went in a car after i ate instant puke = no good.

i've been trying to organize the house 
i'm not a very neat person ( i'm kind of messy) ack!
i wish i was super clean and spic and span
i would love to train my brain to be highly organized!
i envy those with organization and completely clean homes!
my husband is so so super neat and clean we are total opposites 
i know i get on his NERVES so bad when i leave dishes messes around the house
any hints from you guys how to re-train my brain to be organized and neat
need help!

things have been lookin great round these parts
i have had 2 job interviews 
one at an amazing hospital in boston
beth israel
to be a unit assistant in the emergency room
i did the interview and they called and said they were interested!!!
now they are reviewing my 5 references (fingers crossed)
it's a part time position which will be great for us!
i really really hope i get it!

my husband is going to germany in march for 3-4 weeks
im so siked for him
he is an electrician and works for proctor & gamble
they go out and test machines and manufacturing plants before taking equipment into the united states
so i may tag along with him and visit for 5 days or so 
i have never been to germany and would love too!
it would be a fun lil adventure!