Saturday, January 1, 2011

ultra rad giveaway from sometimes sweet!!!

a giveaway from   sometimes sweet
all of theses goodies look amazing check them out and the incredibly talented artists!

1) I'm Tif Blue; a wife, mom, and lover of all things crafty! In between bed-time stories and home-work, I'm rolling out clay or designing custom jewelry for my etsy shop, Peach Treats. I create custom one-of-a-kind polymer earrings for stretched lobes. (and for you fakers too!)

Etsy site:

Giveaway item: One pair of custom made spirals in any size, length, and color. (including fake gauges!)

2) Studio MME is a quirky pen and ink shop that features all sorts of childhood characters, from antlered girls to collections of geese.  Run by the over-imaginative artist, Megan Eckman, nothing in the shop is serious and everything is guaranteed to bring you a smile.

Etsy site:

Giveaway item: my Forest Series interchangeable locket made by the wonderful artist, Polarity.

3) flutterbyCreations is run by soon to be mom, Jacqueline. She creates everything from that special birthday card to birth announcements. Her favourite thing to do is Hassle-free invitations- she does all the work, you just prep for the party. Be sure to check her blog and facebook page for giveaways often.


Giveaway item: card and coupon book – the coupon book has 6 "I love you" coupons just in time for Valentine’s Day.

4) Hello, I’m Malori from Sunday Morning Sugar.  In my little corner of the blog world I share my love for fashion, cooking, knitting, and being the best version of myself that I can be.  I also run an etsy shop, Jacques and Jill, where I sell the warm, cozy items I knit.  



Giveaway item: I’m giving away a hat from last season and a pair of covered button earrings to one lucky winner.

5) I'm Jennifer Zetts the illustrator behind the shop, The Little Illustrator.  My shop is full of cutesy, quirky, childlike illustrations.  My artwork loves to be hung in living rooms, nursery's, offices, or anywhere that it can be enjoyed.


Giveaway item: 2 prints of your choice!

6) Hi I'm Autumn and I work for a great company called Arbonne. I started working with Arbonne when I learned about all of the harmful chemicals that are in our everyday cosmetic and beauty items.  Arbonne is a great alternative, offering products that are natural and actually good for our skin!  Many of our products are vegan too, which is an added bonus.  I am passionate about this cause, and I'm excited to expose more people to this often over-looked facet of healthy living!  :)


Giveaway items: RE9 Advanced + SeaSource Detox Spa Gift.  This set includes mini sizes of the RE9 smoothing facial cleanser, intensive renewal serum, corrective eye creme, and night repair creme and mini sizes of the SeaSource Detox Rescuing Wash, Renewing Body Gelee, and a full-size packet of the Purifying Sea Soak pack.

Also: for anyone who makes a purchase will be entered into a drawing for a SeaSource Detox Spa Nourishing Set which includes the Sea Mud Face & Body Mask and a 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil ($90 value), pictured below.

7) Hello. Two important take-aways about me: my name is Ali Shaye and I love to crochet! Because of this, I am well-known throughout the crocheting community as “Ali-Croshaye.” LOL. Pretty cool, huh? So a little bit of information about me. First bit… I am a young one. I voted for the first time this year. Can you guess my age? Second bit…. I attend college, majoring in computer science. My Mom calls me a digital native because I’ve always had some type of techno gadget in my hand ever since I was a baby. Third bit…. I love animals and children, although not always in that particular order. The two seem to go hand in hand with both providing unconditional love. Fourth bit…I have gone five months without banging up my car. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc. And the last bit…. I love to croshaye!! So that brings us to a full circle. Harmony.


Giveaway item: Pale Green Circle Earrings

8) I’m Liz. I’m a pixel-pusher with a penchant for good design, vintage & Brussels Griffons. I adore blogging & going on adventures with my beau & camera. Recently I opened up an online vintage boutique and am having so much fun with it. I try to embrace each day with joy & a positive attitude.

Giveaway item: a vintage gold "Hollywood clutch"


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those spiral earrings are so cute!

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arent they amazing! i agree xx