Monday, November 29, 2010

makeup and skin sundays!

these are a few of my favorite products this week!

ta da!

buxom mini eyeliners (holiday only)

get them while they are in stores because they are only here for holiday
these 6 mini eyeliners have amazing pigment and last and are real unique colors
they are 15$ or 20$ i forget but such a great deal
buxom is a line by bare essentials and it is all natural
i like that bare minerals is branching out with buxom creating some great fun unique makeup!

nars blush : orgasm

oh my gosh latest beauty addiction nars! i would like one of everything nars please
nars is a great product and works 
there colors are amazing and rich and their ingredients last and are top of the line
try this blush on for a glow
wink wink!

clean: provence perfume

this takes me back to france
this has to be my most desired sought after fragrance right now
i haven't gotten my hands on it because it is 69$
but it is so worth it...
this is the season for giving so i will with hold on myself
but i had to let you know it is incredible!

lip fusion XL (treatment)

this is a treatment
you put it on lips @ bedtime and it will enhance yr pout!
seriously for real i know plenty of people who are addicts and this stuff works!
kim kardashian is their biggest fan and worships this.
i got this free when i saved enough points at sephora and im siked
my lips stink i never liked them
i will let you know if suddenly i wake up like miss julia roberts!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

the empire!

i'm very excited to have my classes dwindling down in the next few weeks.
it seriously is too much to have night classes mon. tues. and wed. too much.
i hate leaving chris, i know he understands but i can't do it next semester
so im opting to do classes mon and wed nights and sat mornings..

i need this to be over all these pre-req's for nursing school and then for the real deal of actually applying to nursing school!

this weekend i was such a homebody! it was awesome, i basically wore sweats, ate and watched
the boardwalk empire marathon season on demand up until the present episode on HBO!
gosh that show is amazing!
i love the 20's! the fashion, personality, and flare!
the underbelly of prohibition! so mysterious...
i often wonder what it would be like if i was alive then?
what would my persona be like..i guess i see myself a lot in jimmy's girl in the show the oil painter.

such an amazing show!

Boardwalk Empire female cast photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Vanity Fair, Sept 2010
Paz de la Huerta (Steve Buscemi’s character Nucky’s sometime girlfriend), Gretchen Mol (not in the pilot, but has a history with Nucky) Aleksa Palladino (Michael Pitt’s character Jimmy’s girlfriend) and Kelly Macdonald (the woman who Nucky helps with her abusive marriage)

this week needs to fly by im not looking forward to classes this whole week and exams...
but this is my last full week i just have to keep telling myself it will be over soon!

there are these wicked cute shoes i desire that remind me of the 20's ADORABLE!
i just don't think i could walk in them...

so cute!

as im watching dirty jobs 
they are discussing how pigs are very much identical to human bodies in identifying
homicides etc..
this makes me feel better why we were dissecting fetal pigs in a&p 
i want to work on the forensic team on the police force when i get out of school
we shall see
i think i find odd stuff interesting but where is the fun in "boring"?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

jealous baby syndrome and upcoming surgery

i think i definitely have JBS (jealous baby syndrome)!
every time i see a pregnant lady and or mama with a newborn im so jealous yet so happy for them
i smile at them and the baby whether in their tummy or stroller
they bring such joy to the world!

so this morning i had my ultrasound @ my OB/GYN 
last week they did blood work to see why i was having difficulty with pregnancy and my period being every 45 days or so..
my blood work came back "normal" 
so today was my ultrasound..the ultrasound lady was not friendly @ all which was a bit uncomfortable especially since she has to go internally and up close and personal it was awkward. finally it was over and i was checking out when my doctor said, "cristin, can we chat for a sec" all i could think was uh oh.
then she said, "well we know why you aren't getting pregnant", i was fearful with what was next.
she told me i had a polyp on my uterus which is pretty big and that i would need surgery.
i needed to sit with it for a sec and think ok surgery
oh no this is all new and i hate being put under and then she said i would need to be in the hospital for 3 days. ack.

i will do what i need to do to be healthy and try and have a baby.
also i'm grateful that it was not worse because it could have been worse...
so after that shocking news i had to drive an hour to my acupuncture appt and relax which was good.
i also got my herbs which taste like crap! ICK!

she did some acupuncture in my fingers and both sides of my nose, legs, and wrists.

after the acupuncture i rushed to my human growth and development class from 5:30-10:00p (long night). i cried to my professor about the surgery, i think i needed to vent to someone and he's an older man who is so caring and a little like santa claus so i let it all out to him (poor guy).

now im home and reading and some blogs and just breathing!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

vicious cycle of sick and some accupuncture

so i thought i was in the clearing of this throat sick thing but wake up today with a sore throat from hell
oh gosh, then go to work @ sephora where i do freelance makeup for stila i feel like it's always when i have too much on my plate when i get run-down and sick! ack.

so ive been trying to transition into a much healthier lifestyle by eating organic foods and cutting certain meats out of my stress level has been higher lately and i heard stress makes it harder to get pregnant.

i did some research and decided to try and do acupuncture. i really didnt and dont know much about acupuncture but my experience going this past friday was amazingly incredible.  it was sort of out of body-ish.

i definitely am skeptical of that stuff too. the acupuncturist is really educated and brilliant and also does chinese herbology im having her make me herbs for my visit this tuesday.  the acupuncture session was 2 and a half hours a majority was intake and a half hour was the acupuncture.  she placed needles in my legs, feet, hands, and ears.  she placed a needle on both hands in between my index finger and thumb and both had crazy reactions one needle vibrated even though my hand was still and the other sent a HUGE wave of motion that made the table move from my shoulders to my feet..i was like oh my god did you see that!!! she told me it was the negative energy "chi" going through and leaving my body. i felt crazy my body felt the energy enough to make my body wave which it naturally does not do.  i was  relaxed and laid there for the rest of the session, but left feeling that something incredible and out of this world happened.  i felt like my body was a shell and i was at peace i mean really at peace and took in every detail of the environment, it felt great!  i definitely recommend it to anyone it has so many healing properties for back pain, morning sickness, and so many others.  i go back this tuesday and will write a follow up!

hopefully this sick thing will leave this house soon it's getting boring!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

sick la familia!

so my family has been sick for the past week and a half..
it seems like this cold/flu/headache/tummy bug has been goin around
my remedy sleep, blankets, warm baths, comfort food, and tea - hot chocolate w mini marshmallows
the tea that i have been drinking a lot lately is from teavana its pear luna its a white tea and pretty light

my son has been home from school and he has a pretty active and wild imagination so i borrowed the adventures of harris burdick from the library.  this book is amazing it has maybe 2 sentences to preface an incredibly detailed pictures that get readers to ask questions and use their imaginations onto what would happen next or what is happening in the drawing.

although everyone has been sick including myself i had school m,tues,wed this week but it is pretty much my last week of school before finals so i really couldnt miss it...last night we finished dissecting the fetal pig (not my favorite) and i was thankful it would be the last night of me smelling of formaldehyde.  even though this is gross we have to do it to pass nursing. 

tonight i made eggplant parmesan a recipe by mark bittman.  i love the mark bittman cookbook it has everything in it seriously my go to cookbook for anything and everything! it would be a great gift for anyone bc the holidays are coming up and whats better than food?

so back to drawing, snuggling, and drinking tea!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i can't sleep @ night
i eat too late @ night because school runs so late
my body is out of whack i need more fiber
my eyes need to get checked
i have a strong urge to delete my facebook account
my mother doesn't understand me or my reasoning for doing nursing school
i'm trying to have $ for christmas presents
working part time stinks but it's all i can do in my balance of school and being a mom
people sometimes expect me to be superwoman
i give 199% and rarely get 40%
would like to see a positive pregnancy test
need to lose 15 pounds
do not want to dissect the fetal pig tmrw night

Monday, November 15, 2010

makeup and skin sundays!

so we are a little past sunday night east coast time but in pacific time we are still in sunday

so im gonna post some of my latest makeup favorites and discoveries: 


my current obsession stila blackberry lip glaze
the color is gorgeous and glazey: its a happy medium for color n gloss
the twist n crank at the bottom to make the gloss come out is addictive

kat von d for sephora

this is a kat von d's palette of eyeshadows this is the specific one i have but im not sure sephora still carries it..let me tell you it is genius! i was way skeptical of this line when it first came out but it seriously is the best eyeshadow ever.  there are other palette collections and i want them all..the pigment is true to the color and you dont have to layer and layer to get great color!!! you will not regret buying these palettes!!

benefit eye bright

awake look and instant face life with this godsend! apply under the brows, in the corners of your eyes and a line down the bridge of yr nose...notice the difference.  

stila! long wear liquid lip color

stay all day lip color and trust me it STAYS all day! love it! i never found any product that wld actually stay and this one have to use remover or soap and water to remove.  when you eat and drink it doesnt move anywhere and the color never fades in any part of the lips my fav colors i own are patina and muse!

bathina by benefit

this is not makeup but it sure is close! i always smell this so many times in the store and i am obsessed with the smell and the way it looks on skin, it's heaven!  the smell is probably one of the best smells ever and the way it makes your skin glow and look is amazing...i need to buy this maybe sometime this week..until then i will be happy obsessing about it...

Sunday, November 14, 2010


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Thursday, November 11, 2010

i heart tattoo ideas..

so these are some of the tattoos i wanna get!
i adore angelique houtkamp and kathie olivas and yoshimoto nara and many more
but their style is so unique and the colors are so potent and energetic!

i have an area under my left armpit that needs work and that would finish my sleeves.
was going to do a portrait there but decided the portrait would look nicer on my back or legs...
so im debating some of these..i have a few angelique houtkamp pieces on my body about 4 or 5.

these are some of the images:

this is a newer one by angelique

kathie olivas i wld do image on right! love her!! and octopus!

kathie olivas love her too esp the octopus arm!

yoshimoto nara

(this has to be one of my favorite images)
my husband and i got in a tiff one night and i left this postcard in his car in his steering wheel for him to find this next morning, now it's at his desk @ work)

it's supposed to be me mad!! lol

all of these images i definetly would like to get at some point...

here are links to the artists personal sites:

angelique houtkamp:

kathy olivas:

yoshimoto nara:

cristin xx

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

today is the day!

today is the day. 

so i woke up the other morning with more electricity in my veins..
i felt determined i felt more alive than normal
finally i could breathe deep

before i needed a kick in the ass...i went from place to place like normal but my passions seemed underlying
i would drive my mini with no music and just stare at the car in front of me instead of playing arcade fire
singing and laughing with my son..
don't get me wrong my son and i always laughed and giggled but i had gained weight, my work was sporadic, i stayed up way to late and would hyper focus on getting pregnant.  the hyper focus thing was def fucking with my system i wouldn't get my period for 40 days and things got really weird and funny within my body. i needed to go to the gym i needed more of a routine.

the other day i joined a gym and so far i have been every day! im siked on this gym and i seriously do believe that exercise does change a lot about the person their mood, health, etc.

i went to the doctor today to get my first round of blood tests since im so late each month and that we;ve been trying for awhile and not getting pregnant.  hopefully these tests will yield some results to see how or what i need to do different.  now i am listening to the arcade fire, giggling with my son, i have so much energy to make dinner and balance everything...oh for the love of exercise....

i'm awake!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

makeup and skin sundays!

these are a few of my new obsessions as far as makeup and skincare
im in sephora usually once a week and love to hear all the stories from the sephora girls and guys about their loves and i take home a lil sample! or a BIG sample...

as far as my new cleanser goes i love this

(i have dry skin a few breakouts once a month here and there but this cleanser is perfect for my skin)

the next is a vitamin c serum that seriously transforms the face and makes yr skin glow
it not only feels great. looks great. but smells amazing!

this is by ole henricksen!

i have been in search of a moisturizer that is perfect for my skin not to oily and not to thin just right not causing so many breakouts!!

so far i have found this to be amazing by:


and finally the primer before makeup which is a mineral primer from stila!
a color corective DNA helix with a mineral porous compound primer that makes makeup look great!
i work for stila as a freelance makeup artist and apply this to myself and clients before makeup 
and it seriously transforms!!

STILA! (mineral primer)

this is before makeup 
next sunday i will write about my new makeup finds.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

so i've gained 10 pounds

the scale 
sometimes i ignore it and sometimes i jump right on dreading the answer.

so lately i've not been the greatest eater. i wake up many times at night craving the hell out of chocolate and seltzer!  my eating routine has sucked bad i have classes 3 nights a week right now (one is ending soon thank goodness) but most go from dinner time til 9p so i eat after class late... and im usually starved when i get home..usually i am pretty healthy but this halloween candy is srsly doing me in!

my ideal weight is 120 i am usually 125 and im 5'2
right now i am 135 and think a lot of that has to do with trying to get pregnant and being sad it hasnt been working for the last few months. school. being short on $. and work.

when i was perfectly content with my weight

ive been debating a gym or yoga place the thing with the gym is it's open all the time and with yoga i have to try and fit it into a tight schedule and it's easier to miss those classes.

if anyone has any tips or ideas about losing weight via healthy food or gym v. yoga

please advise. 


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

tra la tuesdays my favorite things!

tuesdays a few of my favorite things

travis louie

lily allen

                                                                                  the cramps

ice box water

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

haircut chop chop

my hair has been growing out from a pixie since last september and it's pretty long now @ my shoulders..
i really wanted to do something different because im always used to short stylized i dyed it red..its been red for 2 months now and here i go dying it back to black tmrw (phew) but contemplating a new do? i def am feeling a change w zee hair...

this was the pixie from last september...i miss it @ times but when i have it that short i wanna grow it.
guess you always want what you can't have...


so chris was dying to be gary the snail from spongebob for halloween! so here is his homemade costume!
the eyes were just about the hardest things to piece together but a glue gun and duct tape and a white kitchen mixing bowl did the trick!

chris got so many compliments about having the best costume of the night and i agree..not just cause i am his mom but it was the most original one that was out there.
chris is truly an original kid a very creative independent thinker and i love that!
when all the costumes out there for kids were primarily store bought we had one that was made with love!


sorry i have been mia for the last few weeks..

there has been a lot going on in my life with the likes of :

friends (or should i say not knowing if they are friends), $ , work, school, etc
i have a great group of friends but sometimes i feel that i give so much and it's not reciprocated
it sucks to feel that way and it makes me think are they even my friend at all?
im an extremly sensitive person and i give my heart to my friends and family
but when is it too much that i look like an ass for caring so much.

i have come to the conclusion that a couple of friends are much better than a group
ones you can trust and give 110% back.