Sunday, November 7, 2010

makeup and skin sundays!

these are a few of my new obsessions as far as makeup and skincare
im in sephora usually once a week and love to hear all the stories from the sephora girls and guys about their loves and i take home a lil sample! or a BIG sample...

as far as my new cleanser goes i love this

(i have dry skin a few breakouts once a month here and there but this cleanser is perfect for my skin)

the next is a vitamin c serum that seriously transforms the face and makes yr skin glow
it not only feels great. looks great. but smells amazing!

this is by ole henricksen!

i have been in search of a moisturizer that is perfect for my skin not to oily and not to thin just right not causing so many breakouts!!

so far i have found this to be amazing by:


and finally the primer before makeup which is a mineral primer from stila!
a color corective DNA helix with a mineral porous compound primer that makes makeup look great!
i work for stila as a freelance makeup artist and apply this to myself and clients before makeup 
and it seriously transforms!!

STILA! (mineral primer)

this is before makeup 
next sunday i will write about my new makeup finds.



LRC said...

I really enjoy Murad products. Maaayyyy have to try that one! I am really prone to breaking out in the last few months. What do I do?! :D

Eloise In NY said...

nice stuff, I have heard a lot of good things about murad, I want to give it a try too! :)

cristin said...

I have been breaking out too it's weird so that mural is great for hormonal skin. I def recommend this cleanser xx

cristin said...

Eloise you shld try and get a sample from sephora murad is awsm xo.