Tuesday, November 23, 2010

jealous baby syndrome and upcoming surgery

i think i definitely have JBS (jealous baby syndrome)!
every time i see a pregnant lady and or mama with a newborn im so jealous yet so happy for them
i smile at them and the baby whether in their tummy or stroller
they bring such joy to the world!

so this morning i had my ultrasound @ my OB/GYN 
last week they did blood work to see why i was having difficulty with pregnancy and my period being every 45 days or so..
my blood work came back "normal" 
so today was my ultrasound..the ultrasound lady was not friendly @ all which was a bit uncomfortable especially since she has to go internally and up close and personal it was awkward. finally it was over and i was checking out when my doctor said, "cristin, can we chat for a sec" all i could think was uh oh.
then she said, "well we know why you aren't getting pregnant", i was fearful with what was next.
she told me i had a polyp on my uterus which is pretty big and that i would need surgery.
i needed to sit with it for a sec and think ok surgery
oh no this is all new and i hate being put under and then she said i would need to be in the hospital for 3 days. ack.

i will do what i need to do to be healthy and try and have a baby.
also i'm grateful that it was not worse because it could have been worse...
so after that shocking news i had to drive an hour to my acupuncture appt and relax which was good.
i also got my herbs which taste like crap! ICK!

she did some acupuncture in my fingers and both sides of my nose, legs, and wrists.

after the acupuncture i rushed to my human growth and development class from 5:30-10:00p (long night). i cried to my professor about the surgery, i think i needed to vent to someone and he's an older man who is so caring and a little like santa claus so i let it all out to him (poor guy).

now im home and reading boston.com and some blogs and just breathing!


Eloise In NY said...

I'm the same way, I really want a baby but im having a hard time getting pregnant. I'm sorry to hear you need to have surgery. I hope it all goes well my dear, and all the luck with getting pregnant after you get it removed. I still need to go to the doctors about it but im nervous myself. Stay strong deary

cristin said...

thanks love, you should go to the doctors i know it's scary i do! its better to go though i avoid doctors and dentists like the plague! its bad...well i want you to have a bebe too!!! good luck to us xo much love to you!