Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

spiked hair

so i spiked my son's hair for his photoshoot today @ school or should i say school picture day!
he has a rad lil mohawk going on..gosh he has grown up so so seems like yesterday he was
a lil man now he is in the 3rd grade..where has time gone.  he used to be such a picky eater and now he eats whatever is in sight and growing out of clothes i just bought 2 months prior! here is a recap of some awesome pictures over the years of the lil man!

baby c

baby c


mohawk elementary

i drew this of him w a


newest @ bruins hockey game!

boy has he grown
xx love my lil mans

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


so today i bought a few halloween decorations @ marshalls and bought 6 cupcakes @ babyckaes this is my forst time going to babycakes and it had all sorts of amazing different flavors i coulddn't decide major cupcake add! ha ! i had a rough weekend just real emotional and thinking about my birthfather a ton. i saw his picture for the first time..i was waiting since i was 18 to see a photograph of him and there he is right in front of me..amazing. well i am trying to get more visitors to my blog and knack up the design so if anyone does read this or knows how to get more visitors or any cool blogs i should check out please drop me a line.

nagchampa is burning it smells so good.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

my new favorite song of the moment! take a listen interpol meets joy divison!

blood relatives.

so yesterday i came home from dropping of my son @ school and something triggered me to look up my biological father on facebook..i don't know why but i did.  i figured 50 somethings were now starting to join facebook more rapidly so it wouldn't hurt.  after searching with no luck i entered his name in google and it said born and then died i was like wtf? i was real anxious and read that he had passed away in 2008. i did a search for him in 2003 and spoke to him once on the phone i had every plan on meeting him and hopefully talking with him and seeing him for the first time.  yesterday my heart sunk and i paid to revive his obituary in the boston globe it talked about him having 2 other kids and being in vietnam in hand to hand combat for 4 years and being rewarded many medals.  he was 17 yrs old when he went to vietnam. i wanted to know him i wanted to see his photograph i was too late.  in the obituary it had his sisters name so yesterday i called her and talked with her for awhile she was very warm and understanding she said that he died suddenly @ 56 yrs old and he moved back up to boston to try and reconnect with me before he had passed.  she said he wanted to mend the bridge and reconnect.  i took this harder than i though and still am i feel like a hermit in my apartment crying every now and again...i don't know if this is a normal feeling or not i mean i never met him.  he is buried at the national cemetery in bourne ma for soldiers and i plan on visiting next weekend sometime. i guess looking him up i never expected to find a d. next to his name and i waited to long.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

new find.

ok so i had an amazing dinner at my friend nicoles and ray's last night with the husband. we had a nice homemade italian dinner from nicole and it was super yummy.  i never ever like mushrooms in fact i hated them and now i have this new developed liking for them...weird well anyhow i had stuffed mushrooms last night and they were srsly deliciously yummy.  so yeah mushrooms rock (well at a slow speed). so their codo is beautiful so amazingly decorated and i seriously had major ADD all night looking at her decorations.  I found something in her kitchen that seemed rad and i hadnt a clue what it was but it was called sodastream. ok so sodastream makes carbonated water! BOOYEAH. my son, husband, and myself go through 48 seltzer cans a week - we addicted.  so this sodastream makes seltzer and softdrinks but its better for seltzer comes with co2 cartridges that last a year. omg my new found destiny!!!! no more cans even though we recycle and instant seltzer at your fingertips! holla.  so went to macys this morning where they carry these sodastreams and it was on sale from 199$ to 99$ even better.  i am about to set mine up today while decorating for halloween we are so siked.

Friday, October 1, 2010

a few wedding photos from this past july...

Side-part Victory Rolls

love this girls how to video hair tutorials on you tube...she has a lot of "pin up esque" hairstyles and i have learned a lot from her and it seems hard but her step by step process makes it pretty easy!