Tuesday, October 12, 2010


so today i bought a few halloween decorations @ marshalls and bought 6 cupcakes @ babyckaes this is my forst time going to babycakes and it had all sorts of amazing different flavors i coulddn't decide major cupcake add! ha ! i had a rough weekend just real emotional and thinking about my birthfather a ton. i saw his picture for the first time..i was waiting since i was 18 to see a photograph of him and there he is right in front of me..amazing. well i am trying to get more visitors to my blog and knack up the design so if anyone does read this or knows how to get more visitors or any cool blogs i should check out please drop me a line.

nagchampa is burning it smells so good.

babycakes: http://www.babycakesshop.net/Images/index.html