Sunday, October 3, 2010

new find.

ok so i had an amazing dinner at my friend nicoles and ray's last night with the husband. we had a nice homemade italian dinner from nicole and it was super yummy.  i never ever like mushrooms in fact i hated them and now i have this new developed liking for them...weird well anyhow i had stuffed mushrooms last night and they were srsly deliciously yummy.  so yeah mushrooms rock (well at a slow speed). so their codo is beautiful so amazingly decorated and i seriously had major ADD all night looking at her decorations.  I found something in her kitchen that seemed rad and i hadnt a clue what it was but it was called sodastream. ok so sodastream makes carbonated water! BOOYEAH. my son, husband, and myself go through 48 seltzer cans a week - we addicted.  so this sodastream makes seltzer and softdrinks but its better for seltzer comes with co2 cartridges that last a year. omg my new found destiny!!!! no more cans even though we recycle and instant seltzer at your fingertips! holla.  so went to macys this morning where they carry these sodastreams and it was on sale from 199$ to 99$ even better.  i am about to set mine up today while decorating for halloween we are so siked.


Nicole said...

Hey - I just noticed this and your blog!! I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to hear how much you love the soda! xo