Sunday, November 21, 2010

vicious cycle of sick and some accupuncture

so i thought i was in the clearing of this throat sick thing but wake up today with a sore throat from hell
oh gosh, then go to work @ sephora where i do freelance makeup for stila i feel like it's always when i have too much on my plate when i get run-down and sick! ack.

so ive been trying to transition into a much healthier lifestyle by eating organic foods and cutting certain meats out of my stress level has been higher lately and i heard stress makes it harder to get pregnant.

i did some research and decided to try and do acupuncture. i really didnt and dont know much about acupuncture but my experience going this past friday was amazingly incredible.  it was sort of out of body-ish.

i definitely am skeptical of that stuff too. the acupuncturist is really educated and brilliant and also does chinese herbology im having her make me herbs for my visit this tuesday.  the acupuncture session was 2 and a half hours a majority was intake and a half hour was the acupuncture.  she placed needles in my legs, feet, hands, and ears.  she placed a needle on both hands in between my index finger and thumb and both had crazy reactions one needle vibrated even though my hand was still and the other sent a HUGE wave of motion that made the table move from my shoulders to my feet..i was like oh my god did you see that!!! she told me it was the negative energy "chi" going through and leaving my body. i felt crazy my body felt the energy enough to make my body wave which it naturally does not do.  i was  relaxed and laid there for the rest of the session, but left feeling that something incredible and out of this world happened.  i felt like my body was a shell and i was at peace i mean really at peace and took in every detail of the environment, it felt great!  i definitely recommend it to anyone it has so many healing properties for back pain, morning sickness, and so many others.  i go back this tuesday and will write a follow up!

hopefully this sick thing will leave this house soon it's getting boring!