Sunday, November 28, 2010

the empire!

i'm very excited to have my classes dwindling down in the next few weeks.
it seriously is too much to have night classes mon. tues. and wed. too much.
i hate leaving chris, i know he understands but i can't do it next semester
so im opting to do classes mon and wed nights and sat mornings..

i need this to be over all these pre-req's for nursing school and then for the real deal of actually applying to nursing school!

this weekend i was such a homebody! it was awesome, i basically wore sweats, ate and watched
the boardwalk empire marathon season on demand up until the present episode on HBO!
gosh that show is amazing!
i love the 20's! the fashion, personality, and flare!
the underbelly of prohibition! so mysterious...
i often wonder what it would be like if i was alive then?
what would my persona be like..i guess i see myself a lot in jimmy's girl in the show the oil painter.

such an amazing show!

Boardwalk Empire female cast photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Vanity Fair, Sept 2010
Paz de la Huerta (Steve Buscemi’s character Nucky’s sometime girlfriend), Gretchen Mol (not in the pilot, but has a history with Nucky) Aleksa Palladino (Michael Pitt’s character Jimmy’s girlfriend) and Kelly Macdonald (the woman who Nucky helps with her abusive marriage)

this week needs to fly by im not looking forward to classes this whole week and exams...
but this is my last full week i just have to keep telling myself it will be over soon!

there are these wicked cute shoes i desire that remind me of the 20's ADORABLE!
i just don't think i could walk in them...

so cute!

as im watching dirty jobs 
they are discussing how pigs are very much identical to human bodies in identifying
homicides etc..
this makes me feel better why we were dissecting fetal pigs in a&p 
i want to work on the forensic team on the police force when i get out of school
we shall see
i think i find odd stuff interesting but where is the fun in "boring"?