Thursday, November 11, 2010

i heart tattoo ideas..

so these are some of the tattoos i wanna get!
i adore angelique houtkamp and kathie olivas and yoshimoto nara and many more
but their style is so unique and the colors are so potent and energetic!

i have an area under my left armpit that needs work and that would finish my sleeves.
was going to do a portrait there but decided the portrait would look nicer on my back or legs...
so im debating some of these..i have a few angelique houtkamp pieces on my body about 4 or 5.

these are some of the images:

this is a newer one by angelique

kathie olivas i wld do image on right! love her!! and octopus!

kathie olivas love her too esp the octopus arm!

yoshimoto nara

(this has to be one of my favorite images)
my husband and i got in a tiff one night and i left this postcard in his car in his steering wheel for him to find this next morning, now it's at his desk @ work)

it's supposed to be me mad!! lol

all of these images i definetly would like to get at some point...

here are links to the artists personal sites:

angelique houtkamp:

kathy olivas:

yoshimoto nara:

cristin xx


ENBB said...

The yoshimoto nara one is classic and does look like you - lol! I love the two kathie olivas ones esp the girl with the octopus arm. I'm debating a pug tatoo. I found a design I love but L thinks it's a bad idea. :( I really want it though!

Eloise In NY said...

These are some really great designs, I think they would make some really beautiful tattoos or sure :) & thanks dear for putting up my button, I put you at the top of my link list for being so sweet :)

Hope your having a lovely week

the Lone Star Artist said...

Awwww. I'm completing a whole sleeve dedicated to Yoshitomo Nara!

But my first tattoo was "Missing In Action"