Thursday, November 18, 2010

sick la familia!

so my family has been sick for the past week and a half..
it seems like this cold/flu/headache/tummy bug has been goin around
my remedy sleep, blankets, warm baths, comfort food, and tea - hot chocolate w mini marshmallows
the tea that i have been drinking a lot lately is from teavana its pear luna its a white tea and pretty light

my son has been home from school and he has a pretty active and wild imagination so i borrowed the adventures of harris burdick from the library.  this book is amazing it has maybe 2 sentences to preface an incredibly detailed pictures that get readers to ask questions and use their imaginations onto what would happen next or what is happening in the drawing.

although everyone has been sick including myself i had school m,tues,wed this week but it is pretty much my last week of school before finals so i really couldnt miss it...last night we finished dissecting the fetal pig (not my favorite) and i was thankful it would be the last night of me smelling of formaldehyde.  even though this is gross we have to do it to pass nursing. 

tonight i made eggplant parmesan a recipe by mark bittman.  i love the mark bittman cookbook it has everything in it seriously my go to cookbook for anything and everything! it would be a great gift for anyone bc the holidays are coming up and whats better than food?

so back to drawing, snuggling, and drinking tea!