Thursday, November 4, 2010

so i've gained 10 pounds

the scale 
sometimes i ignore it and sometimes i jump right on dreading the answer.

so lately i've not been the greatest eater. i wake up many times at night craving the hell out of chocolate and seltzer!  my eating routine has sucked bad i have classes 3 nights a week right now (one is ending soon thank goodness) but most go from dinner time til 9p so i eat after class late... and im usually starved when i get home..usually i am pretty healthy but this halloween candy is srsly doing me in!

my ideal weight is 120 i am usually 125 and im 5'2
right now i am 135 and think a lot of that has to do with trying to get pregnant and being sad it hasnt been working for the last few months. school. being short on $. and work.

when i was perfectly content with my weight

ive been debating a gym or yoga place the thing with the gym is it's open all the time and with yoga i have to try and fit it into a tight schedule and it's easier to miss those classes.

if anyone has any tips or ideas about losing weight via healthy food or gym v. yoga

please advise. 



ENBB said...

I hear you on this big time. I gained about 14 pounds between working at my last job with weird hours and tons of junkfood and being unemployed and laying on the couch all day doing nothing. So, I rejoined weight watchers. I know it doesn't work for everyone but it does help me keep track of what I'm eating. On the healthy foods tip I've been trying to eat mainly whole foods and not crap. Also, I wake up and snack a lot too so I've consciously been trying not to do this.

Also, don't be sad about not getting pregnant yet. I know that's easier said than done but it takes the average person something like 6 mo to a year and I'm guessing you haven't been trying that long yet. Just try to stress as little as possible because that can have an effect on it too.

Finally, I shouldn't even have to say this because it seems so obvious but you're beautiful no matter what you weight and I'm not just saying that, you really are. xx

Eloise In NY said...

Thanks dear! Thats neat you worked for lush, it must have been a lot of fun. But i bet working for stila must be great. I'm actually working for estee lauder now and also doing free lance weddings too. I'm actually a big fan of Estee so i look forward to being with them full time:)

Thats so sweet you want to put up my button on your blog, you are more then welcome too for sure. I'm going to add you to my lovely bloggers list right away too :)

Weight is always a hard thing. I've noticed the same issue with weight gain since my husband and i are trying for babies too. Maybe its our minds going into chipmunk mode or something! hehe, and its a holiday thing too i think, with all of the goodies to eat, how can i say no to them :)apple pie, cider, turkey meals, omg! Now im hungry!

I usually notice i get a lot of water weight issues so i try and stay away from a lot of soda (doesnt work well since im addicted to soda) but just drinking juice and eating less pasta helps keep off water weight.

Hope you are having a lovely evening dear! Thanks so much for your great comment too :) you made my night.

cristin said...

Omg Eloise I just got yr comment I don't know if there is a thing on blogger that u can check so you will receive comments? I love estee lauder too. That's so awsm u work for them!

I know it's so so hard to lose weight in these winter months and getting hyped up wanting to have a baby. Then with all the yummies like u said ack it is hard.

Yes I'm def adding yr button when I'm on my laptop tmrw I love yr blog. Xx