Monday, January 10, 2011

day of birth: birthday

so tomorrow is my day of birth
9 years ago to be exact
my beautiful son's birthday
he has grown so so much over the years 
it's crazy to think it was that long ago that he was born
i have so man vivid memories of being pregnant with him
i love to share them with him often when i put him to bed
we pretend that my belly button was a telescope for him to see outward into the world
and my womb was his apartment where he had everything he wanted
when he didn't like what i ate he rejected room service
and i threw up (how lovely, right)

my lil bean now big man 
has grown into his personality
his words are so poetic
and his energy level at full force
we can scream and laugh at the top of our lungs
play hide and go seek
he is soooo creative
loves to draw and engineer prototypes for inventions in his head

the bond
have is the tightest bond i have ever felt in my life
i'm so blessed and grateful to have such a beautiful soul in my life
he has made me a better person
he has made me so so much words cannot explain
he is my dream
the love of my life
best friend

funfetti cake we made for his school party tmrw! yumm!


Anonymous said...

Looks Epic :D lucky boy !

cb said...

happy birthday to your little man!


cristin said...

thx guys xo !

Eva said...

i love your blog too!

happy belated birthday :D

cristin said...

thank you eva! :)