Thursday, January 27, 2011

sleep the clock around

took a little time offline
with not much internet lately
saying that reminds me of last nights episode of portlandia
it was about how people spend way too much time on their phones, fb, ipads
basically everything technology related!
probably the funniest show i have ever seen
carrie from sleater-kinney one of my favorite bands is on the show
it's great it really pokes fun of hipsters all the avenues hipsters explore, skinny jeans, veganism.
quite humorous!


a lot of good stuff has been happening this week
i have to say this has been one of my favorite weeks ever!
i got the job that i interviewed for a month ago
@ beth israel hospital in boston
im very happy about this 
for our future

my son scored very high in his tests and got accepted to an advanced work class program
he got invited to the school of his choice!
he was on the wait list for quite sometime and today we got the call he was accepted
it's definitely going to be a transition for him since it is next week
but in boston public 
if you pass up this opportunity he will most likely be put on a long wait list again
and never cease the opportunity
this school has so much to offer and is rich in curriculum with arts, music, gym & science!
such a proud mama!

so i have been learning to tattoo
pretty fun and scary
i picked up my first tattoo gun and learned the ropes recently
i tattooed myself
to practice
boy is it more painful to tattoo yourself!

i'm gonna remain practicing and doing more as a hobby!
so much fun
doing some drawings and stuff.

my girlfriends and i went to a great rockabilly show this past weekend
it was really great to see a show and get out
it's been a long time
i loved looking at all the amazingly dressed pin up styled girls at the show
talk about high fashion!


sarah said...

Congrats about your son!


cristin said...

thanks so much! sarah :)