Sunday, January 2, 2011

oh vintage red jacket

ode to my vintage red jacket 
seen in the photo below
i wore you our literally 
and loved you a long time
you were seriously the best smelling memory ever
finally you did rip under both my pits 
and in the back 
though i did try and elongate your life
in life sometimes you come across that security blanket a la clothes
and this was you baby
@ this time i would also like to say you are missed billy the kid jacket
left at some show in a corner 
whoever has it now is a very lucky devil
you are irreplaceable!

currently i'm 32 years old and ever since i was in high school 
my best friend anna and i would hit savers, dollar pound, and goodwill everyday 
in the early 90's 
we would scour for vintage fred perry's and fabulous finds
after high school and in college it was my dream to open a thrift store
i had a great idea for one right next to this cute little antique shop
i wanted it to have records and all sorts of knick knacks
last night my husband and i watched the show oddities
wow that show is amazing
its about a bizarre antique shop with 3 headed taxidermy cows
rare experimental medical equipment from the 20's
mummified cats
and coffins
wow was this a mind blower!
but i really salute vintage shop owners, antique shop owners, and collectors.
image: google images


Eloise In NY said...

I would love to own a vintage shop, it would just be so much fun. I love that jacket too!! :) Hope you had a amazing new years blast.

cb said...

it would be awesome to own a thrift or antique shop! sorry to hear about your red jacket...hope you replace it with something else fantastic!


cristin said...

eloise that oddities is in NYC you should go! thx i know i miss that jacket so much! hope you had a good new years too love xoxo!

cristin said...

hi cb!
right wouldn't it be awesome! i would love to own a shop what a great fun filled adventure! i'm still looking for lil red's replacement! one day! xo love yr page!!! xo