Tuesday, January 18, 2011

there is a light that never goes out

what about the left hand turn we could have taken
the right hand turn
or just driving straight
or in reverse

lately i have been thinking of happenstance
thinking of the maze in life
the routes we can take in our journey
for instance i got into college in nyc and if i had gone to school there
i would have never known the people i know today
i would most likely not have my beautiful son
what would have become of my life if i took that route
where would i be today
would i even be?

last night i re-played all the routes and journeys from college to the present
and it is pretty in depth and curvy
but i wouldn't trade anything to change it
it's funny how we have these paths in front of us
based on our choice
it leads us to opportunities, happiness, and bad situations
im very grateful for the path to which i have chosen
or has chosen me.