Saturday, January 1, 2011

a year in photos 2010

happy 2011 everybody!

here are some photos of my favorite memories of 2010

our dogs in our apartment when we first moved to dorchester!

my kewpie boxer for my son! (sorry it won't flip)
when my son was a baby he plastered his room with kewpies
now @ 9 he's wicked embarassed by it

chris's first day of 3rd grade! he is so so handsome!

ha dying my hair red (it's back to black) but i loved red!

the pin up shoot i did this was such a fun time with a great group of girls!

doing my makeup the day of my wedding boy did i have a shaky hand!

tom, chris, and i at our wedding july 31st! what a night!

wedding centerpieces i made with vintage postcards

an amazing group of girlfriends!

our engagement photo in quebec canada 
it wasn't professional we took it of ourselves
the day after he proposed!

our mist epic trip to disney world 
i just ate a chocolate dipped bananna mmm good.

chris next to the tree of life in disney!

2010 was such a great year and i'm so excited for 2011!
happy new years


cb said...

i would love to do a pin up shot! that sounds so amazing!!! i have always wanted to do that and so admire the old school pinup illustrations.