Friday, January 7, 2011


things i adore!

here is a cute hat from my favorite show adventure time! it's a jake hat!


hunter wellies with a wedge!


curler old school roller sets!

image: google

hello kitty headphones!
toms boots! love this cause (buy one give one to those in need)

lululemon hoodie! so cute and comfy! if i could only afford it!


my mans band is playing a lot of shows lately but here is one not to be missed
the blue bloods playing with slapshot!


Adriana said...

hey Cristin! You have an adorable blog! Im glad you commented so I could find it and if its okay with you I'll be a follower.: )

cristin said...

of course i love yr blog too! thx im trying to be better with the blog im so dumb with internet coding etc! lol yes plz follow that wld be awsm and i will follow you! xo see you tues!