Friday, February 4, 2011

i'm not searching for a new england

i think i wore out my old billy bragg record back to basics
it was probably my favorite album when i was in senior year of high school til college
what a great song writer and performer he is
if you haven't listened to that album you should 
it's quite beautiful!

so this is winter in new england
sooo much snow in fact tooo much snow
though my lil man loves to play in it and eat the icicles so i can't hate on it that much
i'm siked to be up a little today after the week from
h e double hockey sticks
then tomorrow i get to be poked and prodded for my new hospital job
where i need to get 7+ vaccines etc
i start working on monday with a whole hospital orientation
& training the remainder of the week.

tomorrow night i'm craving redbones bbq!
my husband is now sick and im praying it's not what i had...
if he's better i wanna get me some fried pickles!
boy i have been craving everything pickle related lately 
that & rockabilly music
i mean i've always loved rockabilly but it's something fierce in my veins right now
pickles & rockabilly!

oh yeah!
 trash & vaudville has a new website 

this was my teenage dream place i love this place and keep it special in my ♥
some of it is way too out there for me 
but i love the shoes
i bought my creepers and underground shoes there since i was 16
last year i bought this amazing bomber jacket so cheap
check out their tripp pants and skirts amazing! i'll buy 7!
image: trash&
love them!


lynn said...

fried pickles are one of my favorite foods ever! i like them the best at sunset cantina (after trying many places)

cristin said...

ooooh i dodnt know sunset cantina had fried pickles! heaven!!!