Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my long longer hair

so ive always been a short haired girl 
my hair is at my shoulders
so after wanting to grow it and adoring long hair 
i wanna chop it

so far.
i'm really digging this!



what do you think?
i'm torn.


Leah said...

The first picture is so cute! Pixie-esque. I know how you feel about being torn with having long or short hair and I would say go for it! It will always grow back :)

cb said...

oh i just love the little pixie hair cute! it would look sooooo adorable on you!!


Eloise In NY said...

I love both! I'm a big fan of the second one though, its nice to have length in the front too.

cristin said...

thx guys i feel like when my hair is long i always do the more drastic cut it all off! im a big fan of the pixie! though! xxoo