Thursday, February 3, 2011

i'm featured on sometimes sweet

i've been totally mia this week
i was in the ER with a fever of 104
thought i was near death
and today just starting to feel alive
my flu has lasted this past sunday til today
im so stubborn for not getting a flu shot!

in other news im so very siked to be featured in sometimes sweet slice of boston
very siked!
she is an amazing blogger and mama!

check it out!


cb said...

oh no! 104! your poor thing! i hope you feel better and awesome post on sometimes sweet! i was featured a bit ago on tattoo tuesday :D


Adriana said...

thats so funny cause i am in the middle of working on a slice of Providence for her. Great minds think alike!
Im sorry to hear you were so ill. I hope you are feeling better.

Caitlin said...

Glad you're feeling better!
I loved your post, good work!

lynn said...

ah i hate being sick! i liked your boston post. i used to live in dorchester.