Wednesday, February 9, 2011


right now i feel like im at the crossroads of so many decisions
i feel like these thoughts and choices are spinning out of control in my head
the job opportunities and school are a lot
i decided i was going to drop my a&p 2 class so i wouldn't be away from my lil man
4 nights a week
but then i felt i lost my goal
my goal is my R.N. not working an admin job so i can get my foot in the door at a hospital
so it remains uncertain 
what is greater importance
i need a job
but it has to be in the schedule best for my family
i cannot work every weekend and be away from my lil one
i don't know how some parents are never there
i mean being away pulls at my heartstrings
i have another job opportunity that is part time 3 days a week
which sounds great that way it would take no time away from my lil one
and i could do school 2 nights a week
 choices are ridiculous!
some sound so great though when you really think it over 
it's pretty lousy
i mean im honored to get this chance to work at one of boston's greatest hospitals
but it's really not the ideal job, it's so i'll have a foot in the door
and the thing that sucks is i would work every weekend
so even though this is the ideal opportunity
when you look closer it isn't
so i'm choosing family and my R.N. even if i don't get the other day opportunity
i would rather work at dunkies mom's hours and work on my goal to my R.N.


sarah said...

Good luck lady. I hope you figure everything out.
In my opinion, stick with the RN track. I'm currently on a waiting list and it's hard to be patient, but it's worth it in the end.