Thursday, February 10, 2011

a little joan jett

so i cut my hair
2 different lengths on each side
pixie short in back
and a bang trim with a little fringe
i love it
my hairdresser talked me into letting her do her thing and get creative with it
she said i could always go to a pixie 
but coming back to long hair will take forever!
so ta da!
it get's real messy n funky w pomade!

i was playing with my lil one so the pomade kinda lost it's style
but im sure you get the jist!


Leah said...

Very nice! Suits you :)

cb said...

love it! you look so great!! glad you love it!


lynn said...

super cute!

cristin said...

thanks peeps xoxo!

Caitlin said...

so cute! I love your bangs

sarah said...

i love it! i wish i could pull it off as well as you do...

Eloise In NY said...

It looks fabulous on you! How lovely!