Tuesday, March 1, 2011

mia (insert scream here)

first off i swore that i would never avoid blogging for more than a week
things have been crazy hectic and the such.
my nursing classes have become way intense 
and i have application deadlines for nursing school due by the end of the month
which consists of letters of rec and transcripts and statement of intent
i'm applying to a few accel nursing programs
accel programs for those who don't know are 1 year BSN R.N. programs
for those who already hold a bachelors degree from a 4 year college
there is a catch though you need to do about 6-7 pre -requisites (classes)
before applying and that is what i have been enjoying over the past year :)
the classes are nutrition, statistics, organic chemistry, microbiology, A&P 1 and 2 and more
these pre-requisites seem never ending
but i am done this summer thank goodness!
so these applications are making me brain scrammble!

im thankful and honored and bashful
my good friend mia featured me in her blog
i miss mia so much we had such a good time in boston years ago
now she is in indiana land of my fav restraunt steak n shake mmm!
she is marrying an awesome guy and im so happy for her!

i promise i will not go this long in being mia in zee blog world
okiee now to catch up on all that i missed on here.


sarah said...

I know what you're going through...I just finished my pre-reqs and now I'm on a waiting list. I thought about doing the accelerated BSN but it seems wayyy stressful. Good luck lady!!

cb said...

good luck sweetie! i will be thinking of you and sending you good luck vibes!!


cristin said...

thx cb! xoxo

cristin said...

hey sarah where are you on a waitlist!!!? i know i dont know bout the accel im prob gonna pull my hair out! thx girl xo