Sunday, December 5, 2010

decorating our tree in p.j.'s all day tra la la

so we have been real lazy today 
i made pancakes this morning with bittersweet chocolate from trader joes 
so the pancakes had super yummy bittersweet chunks of chocolate heaven!
our tree is not done because we are waiting for tom to get home from band practice but here is what we have done so far

then we made some yummy hot cocoa w/ mini marshmallows
and i took a photo of c 
hence he did not want his photo taken

i got great news today that i got an a on my a&p lab class
i was really nervous of my final last week but i guess i got a 93?
classes are winding down one by one a week
my last class is next week thank goodness!

last night we had a great time @ kings
a awesome bowling alley with a funky retro style
my friend tara brought her son and husband and chris, tom and i went
we bowled had appetizers and it was an amazing time
it was pretty pricey 99$ for all of us but it was 6 with rentals for shoes!

this friday is my surgery and i'm pretty nervous about it!
trying not to over think it but my mind races a mile a minute sometimes
i just really don't care for anesthesia
i think im gonna try to do acupuncture on thursday before my surgery friday morning
they said it should take an hour and a half
oh well i just need to know this is for the best and breathe...


Eloise In NY said...

all my best wishes on your surgery dear, hope it all goes well and there arent any complications.

Pancakes with chocolate sound divine! Now i want some :) Very cute tree dear, I have a mini one (my cats always attack large ones) hehe

cristin said...

thank you love! i appreciate your thoughts! awww i love lil trees this is the first real big tall tree we have gotten usually they are shorter and fatter! xo