Monday, December 13, 2010

the stick

so kids i'm back after the surgery and feeling better
i had surgery this past friday morning at around 7:40 am 
the hospital i went to was newton-wellesley and their surgical unit was incredible
i was very scared and not looking forward to it at all but the whole staff was supportive and caring through the whole procedure
my total surgery time was about 1 hour and a half
and after i spent a few hours in recovery 
again the care was incredible as i was deathly afraid of the anesthesia 
when i got into the operating room i felt like a kid on christmas morning 
mind you i had what the nurse said was an iv "cosmo"
before transfer (i guess they give this to all patients before entering the OR)
but damn
that OR was a dream, big bright lights, loads of machines a true medical dream!

my friends lomo camera!

i spent the last few days recovering and feel better today, it took a little while.
the past few days i've been trying to think up christmas gifts that i have yet to get
my husband hardest to shop for!
so far i got him a spanish cooking class @ cambridge culinary school
a few fleece pants and i don't know what else...(ideas)?
my son i've pretty much covered, i LOVE to shop for him
speaking of my lil man weezer is playing in boston tmrw night and wed and i would love to take him
but my bank acct is low, if i knew he would truly LOVE it i would def purchase
but 8 going on 9 yrs old you can never be sure if his attention span will last for how much these bad boy tickets are going for!

so in a post previous to this i posted about the neely's cookbook 
they are on the food network and my husband is pretty much obsessed with
he's practically cooked everything in their cookbook
but tonight he made fried chicken!
it was so so yummy!

tom cooking fried chicken

i don't go to too many shows like i used to but one i do want to see
is the pogues
they are coming in march in boston 
and i would definitely not want to miss him
even though he is very inebriated half the time they play
i do love the pogues!
and shane mcgowen's teeth



Eloise In NY said...

I'm glad everything ended up going well! Scary stuff for sure. Hope you have a wonderful week :)

cristin said...

thanks love i appreciate it!!! xo