Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a note on what i wore posts..

woke up this morning with a headache like a mac truck hit my brainage

my lungs killed and my throat was swollen
i hate hate hate being sick
i feel awful because it is my son's school vacation and we had to be couped up in the house all day
we played trouble a few times, couponk, and made hot cocoa
and i think he loved it
now he's sledding outside with my husband
so i think this sick day went okiee

image: google images
so i have been noticing in blog communities an abundance of what i wore posts
i really love seeing a few vintage ditties and fashion every so often in a post of what i wore
but every thanks!
i mean how many times can one pose for the camera daily?
i find it a bit egotistical
correct me if im wrong
i simply don't get posts every day of yourself and what you wore
and getting your kids and family involved?
i mean my son hates getting his picture taken
but maybe they do?
im sure he would hate me dressing him and taking multiple photos of what i choose to dress him in
i mean they are a cute idea
but im trying to think of the underbelly of this idea
like i stated before i like these what i wore posts every now and again but daily it def irks me!


Aoife Blake said...

Ha ha, I agree!

I love looking at posts about 'what I wore today' but it does seem a bit over-saturated when they come too frequently.

Hope you're feeling better?

Aoife x

cristin said...

right sometimes daily is way too much though i do love the every now and again ones.. i love yr name! so pretty..

and im still sick ack this stupid bug! thanks you though for the well wishes!