Friday, December 17, 2010

sabrina ward harrison

a journal girl or i should i say woman who inspires me is
sabrina ward harrison
i got her journal/art book years ago shortly after my son was born
it really is an amazing piece of mixed media in a journal bound book
her thoughts and ideas are so creative and she portrays that being sad is normal
take the bad and sad and make something out of it grow with it
things in life take weird twists and turns and sometimes are overwhelming
but we are strong
in a difficult time in my life i looked @ her book daily
and it helped me so much beyond words
i really like to give her book as a gift to friends because it is a celebration of life
the book that i usually buy is spilling open: the art of becoming yourself

"I am afraid to show you who I really am, because if I show you who I really am, you might not like it--and that's all I got."
— Sabrina Ward Harrison (Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself)

sabrina ward harrison image: 

not only is this book word genius but visually stunning.



ENBB said...

I LOVED this book when it first came out. I haven't lookedd at it years but can see it sitting on my bookshelf from here. Think I'll crack it open tonight, thanks Cris!

cristin said...

yes! i used to go to the bookstore and read her books in the aisle i love them at some point i want to get the other books too. how are you doing love? i miss you! xx

ENBB said...

Hey, I never see that you've responded to a comment so I never write back until weeks later. SORRY! So I'm doing pretty well. Why don't we try to get together in January? Maybe the weekend of 14-16?