Wednesday, December 8, 2010

elsie's e-course

i'm very excited to be starting a blog e course by
she created an e course for bloggers and it has some great info
if you are a first time blogger or have been for awhile!
these last few months have been amazing meeting new people on here
this course so far is pretty incredible and i have learned a lot!
i used to use livejournal and deleted it years ago
i miss the bonding, new ideas, creativity, friends
so i am happy to be back writing, learning, and creating again.

i bought scrod today at the market today it was pretty cheap for a decent size
i am going to bake it in tin foil with scallions, onions, salt rub, and seasoning.
on the side will be cous cous (parmesan) and summer squash and zucchini grilled.
just love to cook

i'm watching celebrity rehab with dr.drew it is amazing what he does for his patients
i do believe even though it is a reality show
that he seems like a great doctor/person/human
i really like the "nurse" or his assistant who has the tattoos
she seems a lil bit older and her style and mannerisms are so rad and endearing
i love that he accepts her tattoos in the workplace
maybe it's just california and that more people have lots of tattoos there
but i know boston is so strict with tattoos in the workplace
i wonder what it would be like in california, la?
i'm often curious about the other side of america
i've heard many pro's and con's about la
but i do believe it is each individuals experience that makes it


taylah said...

that course sounds fantastic, im hoping to do it sometime soon too! i just came across your blog via a beautiful mess actually. it's really cute, congratulations!
lovess, taylah x

cristin said...

thx so much! yea the course is so fun and informative! take care thanks for stopping by!!! xx