Thursday, December 2, 2010

tis the season

so since it's the season of giving i'm sorta broke
but i have been doing a lot of window shopping and buying for others and found some
real cute things!

 love these: they are a different style of "door knockers"

doc martens: oxblood boots so cute with leggings and skirts!  i used to have a pair in middle school and high school but my mom dumped them when i went off to college.

i'm obsessed with down home with the neely's on the food network on weekend mornings!  these two have such chemistry it's great and make super yummy dishes!  my husband got this cookbook of amazon for an early xmas present for us!!!

lush: karma kream 
smells so so amazing i love it like orangey pathchoui..some people either love or hate patchouli it seems but i love it.  my husband doesnt like it but i do, so i guess he has to suffer..

kitchen aid mixer!

i love this green and since our family is doing so much more cooking it's a basic nessesity in the kitchen! where to put it is hard because in our apartment we don't have that much room.
but we are thinking of buying an island at ikea.

this cute blythe doll!

they have a lot of cute blythe dolls w different hair outfits etc.  i have one room with religious art, candles, art,  and collectibles this would look great in.

recently one of my friends was talking about taking a knitting class and all of us going and doing a knitting circle type thing.  a woman at my old work taught me how to knit a scarf and i got the hang of it..and it was a instant stress realeaser.  the thing is i was 75% done with it and missed a stich and it unraveled the whole thing.  i was so upset that i threw the needles at the wall and gave in and didn't try again which was dumb.  i think this would be a perfect time to re-start and try it especially these winter month in boston!  who knows maybe i could actually knit a hat or more.  there is this place in dorchester (where i live in boston) called this stitch house it looks ultra cute and has classes and circles!  i think im gonna check it out this week!

whenever i'm at cvs or the grocery store and the clerk asks for a dollar donation for kids with cancer or toys for tots i always give a dollar to my son and have him sign the paper with his name that will go on the wall of donations.  even though we don't have much money i think it is important to instill these values in our children and other kids.  i'm proud of my son because the last few years when the salvation army has been ringing the christmas bell for change without me saying anything he takes his money from his pocket and puts it in the bucket. i am so proud of him and i hope he teaches his kids this valuble lesson.