Thursday, December 9, 2010

i love getting packages

love when i open the door and voila there is a package of goodies on the porch
i ordered my friends gifts a few weeks ago and they came in today
part of their gift was an eyeshadow palette from stila
i ♥ stila
not only because i do freelance makeup for them but that their product rocks
i was a stila girl since high school and in college thats all i bought for makeup
my favorite perfume i wore all the time was stila creme bouquet
it was gone for years but they just released it again (phew)
and it came in the package with the girls eye palettes
when i opened the box i rolled the scent all over me (since it only comes in a rollerball)

image (

these are the palettes i got for my friends 
they are adorable and the pigment color is intense and awesome

image (

also i'm gonna make mix cd's and throw in some lush soap!

saw a boy with clark wallabees on today and it made me miss mine
since i rocked them for 2 years and they were fall apart stinky
maybe time for a new investment!



cb said...

who doesn't like getting packages on their porch! i have their eye lash brush and i have to say i LOVE it! mac had one that i used but it isn't as nice as stila's! will have to go get another one when i run out!


cristin said...

i know right packages are so much fun! if you love their eyelash brush you should try glamoureyes their new mascara it tubes and lengthens and is better than anyone out there right now- you just have to re-apply at lash tips and extend and extend and it works and lengthens on the tip so you can re-apply anytime and not have tammy faye baker eyes..ha! xx c

George said...

Clark Wallabees! Yeeees!

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